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My current favorite cell phone game was shown to me by my friend Ricky who sees a lot of cell phones. He works at a mobile phone repair shop and has seen his share of cell phone games. I refer to him often, since he’s working with phones all day long.

He told me about 1010! It’s addictive, for sure. There’s nothing revolutionary about the game, and sometimes whether you lose is just luck of the draw (or odds). I would describe it as a pensive self-paced version of Tetris.

There are no upsells in the game, no lives running out. There are full-screen ads displayed after your game has ended, usually ads for other games.

You are presented with a 10 x 10 grid, and three puzzle pieces that you need to place on the grid. After you place the three you are given, three more appear for you to place. The idea is to make an entire row or column of blocks and that row and/or column will disappear. After each piece is placed, any complete row and/or column will disappear. As the game progresses, I’ve found that the easier to place pieces like the one-block piece show up less and less, and more of the 3×3 pieces and L-shaped pieces pop up.

It’s a nice game that you can stop and start. You don’t have to pause. It just picks off where you left off last time. You don’t need to worry about what ‘strategies’ you had going. Just look at your screen, look at your three pieces to place and you’re ready to pick it up.

On my iPad, I’m currently at around 6500, which is pretty far from my high score, but it’s within range. I think I’ll stop writing and get back to it for a little while!


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Minion Paradise

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I’ve been playing Minion Paradise lately. It’s a free game to get you familiar with the Minions. I guess they’ll hope you can’t get enough of the Minions, and will want to go watch their movie.

The game isn’t that great, although the animation is fun to watch. It’s like you are watching your own Minion movie on your phone. The idea is like Farmville or Clash of Clans, where you purchase buildings and let them produce for you over time to get points and bucks. So the basic concept is not very original, although the animations are. I have to warn you, because the animations are so detailed and long , it will use up a lot of bandwidth. The game actually warns you to play when you are connected to a Wifi so you don’t use all your precious data download (if you don’t have unlimited).

There’s a lot of hand holding in the beginning (instead of instructions), so it’s kinda slow starting. You know…  “click here” and you click there, then “click here to make this happen”, and you click there. It may take a while to get in the rhythm, so to speak.

I’ve been playing it for about two weeks, and I think I’m ready to move on. It’s not nearly addictive as Farmville or Clash of Clans was. I’ll keep on my journey to find the next Addictive Game!

Two Dots

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I don’t really care for this game too much. It’s similar to another game I used to play called DOTS. I guess the rationale for the name was that if DOTS was a good game, then Two Dots must be better. Actually, I like the original one better. Here’s why I don’t care for this one…

First of all, the game starts our really slow, with a little too much hand-holding at the beginning. You have to jump through hoops just to get to the actual levels. It’s just a bunch of dots, how confusing could it be, right? But they painstakingly make sure you know what you are doing. Fine, I’m past it. But then I started playing on my iPad, and I had to go through the same thing again! Seems like it would remember where you were, or it should anyway.

The first twenty levels are a breeze, each time telling me I’m brilliant or a genius, and I’m scoring three out of three stars on each one. I’m thinking, shouldn’t everyone be getting these high numbers? It hasn’t even got difficult. Then, within a few levels, it gets way more difficult because of the layout of the screen or the number of moves you get to complete the puzzle. Where did the middle ground go? It went from really easy to pretty hard almost instantly.

OK, I can deal with that, no problem, but the second reason I don’t care for the game is that when you finish a level or are starting a level, you’ll find a button other than the ‘continue’ button, but in the same place. So you think your tapping continue, but you are really connecting to Facebook so they can link their game to your Facebook account. Nice try, but I’m not falling for that one.

Finally, they really want to sell you in-app purchases, from boosts to added moves. So, back to my original point, now I know why they went from really easy to really hard – money! They want to sell you something. Again, I’m not falling for that. I’ll wait the 20 minutes for another life to generate. And if it gets to the point that I just can’t continue past a particular level, then it’s ‘Adios, Two Dots’. I’m almost at that point now.

Well that’s it. It’s somewhat addicting, but then it gets annoying. Don’t bother with this one. Just download DOTS, the original.


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